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From school I was interested in programming, but could not choose the right direction. When I entered the University of Computer Science, I began to look for options for how to develop in this field. That's when I first heard about SEO and its existence.

Without hesitation, I chose this direction in the annual courses, and successfully completed them. My teacher offered me a job at his company as the best student on the course. I worked for him for about a year, constantly studying and gaining experience. It was then that I wanted new knowledge in new directions. During that time, I began to master the development of sites, offering my services to all acquaintances.

In 2019, I decided that I wanted to start my own company. That's how I found my first clients not only among acquaintances. In just one year, I have a team that I trust and can guarantee the quality of their work.

Today, my company WebDev & SEO has been operating for 3,5 years. We develop quality sites, bring our customers to the top of Google, we have excellent targetologists, web designers and programmers. I am personally responsible for all the work done and try to provide clients with the most positive experience from our services.

Always happy to cooperate!

We share our principles and values,
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Constant communication with the client

The experience of our customers shows that any of your messages on social networks or call will be processed within 5 minutes. We are interested in cooperation, so we take into account your wishes. Didn't like the font? Need to change the picture or color of a block? "Feel free to write to us ..."

Individual approach

After receiving your application, we will build the project in detail. Detailed briefing, familiarization with your business, analysis of competitors and the market - these are the tools with which we create a convenient unique design, technically implement sites and promote them to the highest positions in Google.


Thanks to you, we do not have to advertise our services! You share a pleasant experience with friends, and they in turn also contact us. What else can prove our expertise so clearly?