History of the brand

There won't be a long story of ups and downs. We just want to share how we started working just for you ❤️

Hi there! My name is Yura Starosta (insta: @starosta_yura), I am 23 years old. I am the founder of Web Dev & SEO.

From school I was interested in programming, but all my life I have been doing professional extreme sports, which did not allow me to pay enough attention to the first. When I entered the University of Computer Science, I finally realized that I would not become a coder, and began to look for options for how to develop in this area. That's when I first heard about SEO from my friend. Without hesitation, I chose this direction in the annual courses and successfully completed them. Special thanks to my teacher Misha, who offered me a job in his company as the best student on the course. I worked for him for about a year, constantly studying, gaining experience and new knowledge. During that time, I began to master the development of sites, offering my services to all friends. In 2019, I decided that I want to start my own company and began to actively look for the first customers on sundress radio. My first sites weren't the best, but I was persistent. Later I got a logo, the first portfolio and a team of people I trust and can guarantee the quality of their work.

It is 2020 now. My company has been operating for 2 years. We develop quality sites, bring the business of our customers in the TOP of Google, we have excellent targetologists, web designers and programmers.

This is a simple story of the development of an ordinary person. I believe that such a classic way of starting a business can help everyone start their own way.

Persistence, learning and willpower are your helping key in creating your product. Develop, strive for something and realize all your desires while you are young and most productive.

Principles and values

What is so unique about our company?

We know that it is very difficult to stand out among thousands of website development and promotion companies. Therefore, we have identified several of our principles and values, for which we give a guarantee.


We are really always in touch

The experience of our clients shows that any of your questions in the social networks, a call or just a sent edit will be processed for 5 minutes of your time. We will write to you as soon as we see a notification on the screen of our phone or laptop. Did you just start texting us? - We are already writing back to you


Think about the little things

We are often told how site developers do not want to deal with the details of the site. Our principles are based on the client's wishes. Didn't like the font in any paragraph? Need to reduce the image by a few pixels? Did you stop liking a certain block? We will correct because we respect your opinion


The site is on our conscience

We not don't care! Yes, we make all sites as if we were doing it for ourselves. Even if you do not understand what you like and how it would be right, we promise to do everything as well as possible. All sites developed by us are on our conscience